BellyZen© and Trance-Emotional Belly Dance: a path to Feminine Shamanism.

BellyZen© is a way to recover the symbolic and emotional keys of the Creative Feminine Energy blending bellydance with kundalini yoga and bioenergetics.

I use the term “bellydance” in its widest meaning. From my point of view, bellydance is any dance form focusing on the belly where the movement arises, grows and overwhelms from the guts, from our inner emotional self. It is every kind of dance linking to the earth and using the belly to push out our deepest energies and creative resources, the Goddess that lives in us. The belly is to dance, to love, to pray, to give birth: the most sacred place of our body charged with so many symbolic and spiritual meanings.

The language of bellydance is related to the ancient cult of Mother Earth, symbolizing fertility, love and deep connection with the rithms of nature since the Neolithic. Such a “physical” dance is deeply spiritual; the dancer may experience a true mystical regeneration and discover his/her true Self.

BellyZen© is an approach to this spiritual experience through dance and breath; it’s opening our mind to a deepest wisdom and learning to let ourselves go to the “dance of life”.

Through BellyZen© technique the whole body is involved and the muscular workout is complete. This training guarantees strenghth, postural improvement and a greater flexibility, in addition to an invaluable feeling of wellness. It helps recover a fluid, natural movement through a transformative self-healing process, getting rid of any emotional stiffness in the musculature.

At a physical level, there is an improvement of the blood flow and a reduction of menstrual and spinal pains, both lumbar and cervical.

At a psychological level a greater body awareness is combined with a deep sense of positivity and self-esteem.

It is particularly recommended during or after pregnancy. Performed at different stages , it is suitable for every age, kind of complexion and level of fitness.

BellyZen is much more than learning a dance technique: it’s learning to focus on our inner center, both physical and emotional. It’s getting rid of all kind of bad postural and mental habits (these two are often one), and let power and beauty freely flow in our lives. It’s expressing our creative power and become awarer and more perceptive through a combination of breath, movement and sound.

In a relaxing and supportive atmosphere, the individual inner “circle” is rebuilt and gently put in the group wider circle.

Breath, mantras and meditation techniques shared with the group adds to the traditional bellydance teaching to make a new olistic and “zen” approach. 

BellyZen: the book.
172 pages.  Ebook available. English Edition coming soon.

BellyZen supports the Zen Stretch Movement:

Zen Stretch!

BellyZen is Certified CID – UNESCO:


BellyZen is led by Omari Tessala Marax, Federal Coach CONI/CSEN e ASC.

Full Member WADF (World Artistic Dance Federation) e CID  (Counseil International de la Dance) – UNESCO.

National Certificate of Belly Dance Master Gold level.