A short introduction to the BellyZen¬© Method

The BellyZen¬© method can’t be stiff and rigid itself. As the water it’s very adaptive and acquires different shapes through different paths to achieve its goals. 
Each path is unique, and each BellyZen¬© practitioner’s approach will probably be different as well.
However, it is possible to define some guidelines that can help us along the path. This brief introduction has been written to this purpose.

BellyZen¬© aims to recover the symbolic and emotional keys of the Feminine Creative Energy, so deeply buried in our body and especially in our belly. That’s why BellyZen¬© is mostly based on bellydance.

In each session I work on balance, on barycentre, on chakras energies using mantras and a deep ventral breathing much before dealing with any dance techniques. I approach bellydance and teach any movement in every aspect: physiological, anthropological and psycological rather than only technical. 

The lesson ends with a ‚Äúhomework assignment‚ÄĚ, consisting partly in bodyworks exercises and partly in more “zen‚ÄĚ exercises.

This is the method in practice.
Here it is a quick bird’s eye view (italian language):


2/ Chakras, kundalini, KI

3/ Respiro, mente, vita

4/ Mantra, KIAI

5/ KOAN e Paradosso


7/ CONCLUSIONI: Ventre ed emozioni viscerali.